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Born from an original idea of the Bonci Brothers, the Panbriacone has an astounding soft dough with the soul of fine liqueur, and the perfumed taste of the Corinthian raisin.

A name to emphasize the watering of sweet passiti wines (straw wine) that is met with the softness of a sweet natural yeast, the drunken cake, is suitable for all festivities but destined to conquer with its innovative completeness.
Una foto di un Panbriacone durante le fasi finali della lavorazione


So why reveal the secrets now?

Tasting a slice of Panbriacone will inevitably carry your imagination to landscapes of non-existent worlds evoked by the mind. Consequently, it is a good idea to ask “What is the original recipe, to give such flavor and density made for a unique delight for the palate?”

Not all that stimulates curiosity needs to be satiated with answers. But the less visible and perhaps the more obvious secret ingredient you need to know is Love. Love and passion in the craftsmanship of the Mother Yeast, meant as a living entity that needs attention and daily care to accompany that biological and natural cycle that guarantees softness and unrivaled structures of the finished product.

One of the secrets is in the mixing of liqueurs injected in the baked dough, which protects the Panbriacone from expiring. The other secret is in the wisdom of hard work passed down from generation to generation. As Leonardo Da Vinci once said, "Wisdom is the daughter of experience".
Una foto di un Panbriacone durante la lavorazione


Something too often taken for granted: how many people have tasted a real candy?

When we talk about canditi (candied fruit) and Canditura (the process of making candied fruit), we think of an art that has ancient origins from the distant cultures of China and Mesopotamia; an art of preserving fruit parts by reducing their water content and submerging them with warm sugar syrup. Thanks to Venetian and Genoese merchants this practice was imported from the East.

Bonci manufactures candies in an artisanal way, directly in the factory, using scrupulously selected fruit without the addition of preservatives or colorants. This gives the consumer a level of excellence hardly comparable to other industrial products.

The Bonci's Canditi are authentic chunks of crystallized fruit in their natural colors, capable of exploding in flavor at the touch of the palate and drunk with sweet scents.

The Panbriacone