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The PANPEPATO - box 230g

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Bonci Panpepato, descendant of the ancient Medicean recipe, is a sweet delicacy and a voyage in time. Almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and figs dance among spices wrapped in honey, all shielded in a dark chocolate covering adorned with red pepper corns. A triumph of flavors at the court of taste.

The Panpepato is an ancient confection rich with history. Born from the wise hands of apothecaries within monasteries and convents, it became a delicacy sought after by young damsels and valiant knights. At the time of the Medici it was said, in fact, that the “peppered bread” gave strength and vigor in encounters of arms and love.

Main features: Sugar, candied melon and orange peel, dried figs, sweet almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, wheat flour, cocoa powder, honey, selected spices, lemon juice, salt,natural flavourings. Pure dark chocolate 18% “min. cocoa 60%” pink pepper, green pepper. PRODUCED WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES AND COLOURING

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